The Ombre Dahlia Throw

This throw took quite a while from initial idea to completion. I wanted something that I could bring out in the colder months to spread on my chaise lounge. Like most designers, I go through spells of minor obsessions. At this particular time it was all about the ombre ! I worked with a new yarn for me, Holst Coast yarns. They are a fine lace weight yarns made from a combination of wool and cotton which produce a finished throw that is warm yet beautifully soft. The yarn comes in an amazing array of colours which was perfect to create the depth of ombre that I was obsessively trying to create. 
Although quite 'woolly' the yarn shows a great stitch definition which adds to the texture of the throw. However, I won't lie..... this throw took a considerable amount of time to make (even though I do  consider myself quite a fast crochet'er!)
The ombre effect was created by working with two strands of yarn at  time and gradually changing one strand colour at a time....which probably played a major contribution in the fact that it took so long to make.
 I'm a 'details' kinda person, and I don't like to skimp on my details...however long they take!


  1. Your throw is simply stunning! I guess all those popcorns took remarkable time but it is definitely worth it!