Stars Baby Cot Quilt

This was my first ever quilting project. It took a little time for the idea to come together but I got there in the end and learned a lot along the way. My next quilt will be so much better! You may remember in this post I made the initial fabric choice for this quilt. The idea of a double sided quilt was over complicated and was quickly dismissed. I decided to stick to just one colour theme. I wanted this quilt to be entirely machine made, and chose a simple star pattern. 

I enjoyed the process, putting together the pieces etc, seeing the design come together. Although I had done free motion embroidery on my sewing machine in the past, I've never quilted, so this was a learning curve for me. 

In the end, it came together much faster than I expected. here is a montage of a few photos I took along the way showing the entire process.
I hand finished the quilt around the border with the lyrics of the Louis Armstrong song;
 'Stars shinning bright above you, night breezes gently whisper - I love you'.  
The quilt has now been passed on as a gift and I already have the fabric ready for my next quilting adventure. 

I'm interested to see quilts made by others, do you have any good blog links for me to inspirational quilting blogs?

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  1. A lovely quilty blog I found recently (antstosugar.com), this one has a couple of hand stitched quilts, some knitting and some crochet too! (cozymadethings.blogspot.com), this next one has great photos all set in NY! (madebychrissied.blogspot.com). I have tons more actually, my bloglovin is stuffed full with crochet and quilt blogs, I hope this helps you a little, and if you want more let me know!! I'm just gunna jump back into your blog now for a bit :) I've only newly found it and am having a browse!!