The Crofter Blanket

This update is well overdue as my Crofter blanket was actually completed a long time ago, I've just never got around to sharing. 

Remember my Crofter yarn purchase  (made by Sirdar) and inspiration which I blogged about  here ?

I loved working with this yarn and it opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities with variegated yarns. Hooking up each square had added excitement as the colours came together to make each square like a uniquely coloured piece of art.

The final project came together quite quickly. A very simple crochet'd square combined with variegated yarns seems to be a winning combination!



  1. Ah my bedroom blankie ;-) Beatrice looks like she's been caught in the act! Gorgeous blanket and even better in real life! Mx

  2. lindo, adorei

  3. Inspired by your work and gorgeous blanket I have begun making a baby version of this blanket using the softer brighter Snuggly Baby Crofter. I will be blogging about this and will provide links to your blog for the inspiration you give! Many thanks and keep up the happy hooky work.
    Heather ~ The Patchwork Heart

  4. Do you have the pattern for this? I would love to try it!

  5. Hi, I have just taught myself to crochet & have just started a blanket with the baby crofter yarn. I have just discovered your lovely blog & have seen your lovely blanket in the crofter yarn. Could you please tell me what yarn you used for your final round that brings the blanket together?

    many thanks