Bavarian Crochet

I've had Bavarian Crochet on my list of projects for a while, but I've been waiting for the right yarn to come along to use with it. 
Here is a link to some Pinterest Inspiration on Bavarian Crochet.

*Enter Scheepjes StoneWashed XL yarn*
The Star of this show!
Finally I had THE yarn to try out this stitch.

Although this yarn is 70% cotton, because of the unique way it is spun, it means that this chunky yarn is surprisingly light weight. 

Using colours (starting at the top and moving clockwise) Lemon Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Green Agate, Amazonite, Garnet and Moon Stone in the middle, I started making the first round of flowers.


There are lots of tutorials and helpful websites around that go into great details about how to create Bavarian crochet. You can find some here , here and here if you are interested in having a go. 

I'm usually a fine yarn kind of person, so using a 5.5mm hook meant my project literally grew in front of my eyes!

Joining the 2 round squares is pretty easy using a 'Join As You Go' method (here is a good tutorial of how to join)

I'm not completely finished yet, but I'm getting there (rather quickly!). Hopefully soon I can share my finished project with you.