Using the Fabric Stash

I love fabric. I have a habit of buying fabric with not even a clue as to what I will use it for. I buy fabric simply because I like it. I can't resist popping into a fabric store and running my hands over countless rolls of textures and colours. 

A little while ago I decided that in order to continue with this unusual compulsion of mine I must make a conscious effort to use my ever growing stash of fabrics. That is how the idea of the double sided quilt was born.

I split pieces of fabric into two colourways, green/blue and pink/orange. Slowly and surely I precisely measured 5 inch squares and cut them with a rotary blade to make two neat piles of fabrics. I'm thinking of two different patterns, one on each side of a quilt. I'll update you soon when more work on this project has been completed but for now just a photo of the fabric piles to ogle. 

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  1. such juicy colourways...can't wait to see the finished projects ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx