Yarn Oogling!

I don't know about other creative types, but for me there is a whole process to work through before work on a project even begins. After hours of trawling the internet and books for inspiration comes hours of picking colours, choosing materials and shopping! Once all this is complete, for crochet comes the stage I refer to as 'Yarn Oogling'. 

I like to pile my newly purchased balls up, spread them out, check them out in different lights, photograph them in all manor of patterns and situations. It's probably just a 'me' thing, but as silly as this seems, it helps me decide on how to proceed. 

Recently, I discovered some new yarn and purchased enough to make a small blanket, hopefully a baby blanket. After returning from the shop the yarn oogling began! 

I'm thinking of producing something along the lines of this vintage blanket. It looks like a pretty simple construction which I think this yarn will be perfect for. 

Now comes the most difficult part of the process.....waiting! I still have a couple of projects I need to finish before work on this blanket can begin. I'll keep you updated with my progress!


  1. I love that vintage-looking blankie! I haven't made anything from granny squares for ages, so I really should get on and do something!
    I love yarn oogling too! :-)

  2. Do you have the pattern for the blanket that you ended up making? (I clicked here from your page with the finished product.) Thanks in advance!