My Seasonal Hanger : Autumn

Last year I decided that I wanted to add something to our living room that could be decorated all year round, not only for Christmas, but winter, Summer, Spring, Easter, Autumn, Valentines etc

I wanted something that I could hang on little trinkets that I collect & make, something to hang over a partitioning table I have in the middle of the room that could be viewed from all angles.

It took quite a while before I came up with the solution : 

My Seasonal Hanger.

This is what it looks like at the moment, displaying my 'Autumn Treasures', tho soon I'm going to change it over to Christmas, then after Christmas it will go to Winter.

The hanger itself is from a kitchen store, it's actually meant to hold pots and pans. Luckily, after some searching I found a cream pot hanger that fitted perfectly with our decor.

There are a few elements that stay on their permanently, some frosted glass tea light holders, which I sometimes light in the evening, the little glass hanging vases which can be filled with seasonal foliage or flowers.The hanger itself doesn't have enough hooks, I've temporarily used some wire to hang more things from but I need to find a more aesthetic solution.

Over the year I have collected, and will continue to collect small seasonal decorations to hang from it. I try to keep the colours pretty neutral, as it already looks quite busy with so many things hanging from it and I think lots of colour would just overwhelm it.

I love how it gently turns it a slight breeze to show off all it's treasures.

I took it down from its usual hanging place over the table so that I could get some decent photos of it. Here are a few photos of it in it's current Autumnal mode.

And here are some detailed photos of some of my autumnal trinkets.
  A Felt Owl, A Fabric Owl I bought in the States, A decorative Cow Bell

Threaded drift wood and pine cones, A Deer made from tree bark, A stained glass leaf

A tweed heart, A heart made from painted tree bark. A heart quote

I'd love to see any unique ways that you use for year long decoration. Please leave a link if you have any!


  1. I LOVE this so much, Anita!!!
    I have a seasonal tree on my dining table that I decorate various ways through the year. Here are just two of them!




  2. Ooooops sorry - those links don't seem to be clickable. :-(

  3. oh wow bobs, that tree is just dripping with gorgeous trinkets!!! love it!!!