The Babette Blanket

Its been a while since I last posted, life kind of took over ! But, it doesn't mean I didn't have time to be creative. 

A few months ago a friend who was pregnant asked me if I would make a baby blanket for her. After a little discussion about patterns etc, we decided on the Babette Blanket. I think the babette blanket is almost an iconic patterns that everyone who begins to crochet falls in love with. I bought the pattern a few years ago, but never got around to making it...so this was my chance!

The hooking up of the squares went quite quickly, but I didn't anticipate the enormous amount of time it would take to sew them together. But, seeing the colours come together as I stitched the squares together was an incentive to keep going. 

I'm so thrilled I finally got to make this blanket, and yes... i'll be a little sad to see it go. But I know it is going to a good home where it will be loved and appreciated. 


  1. I love the colours on your Babette blanket! I am in the process of doing one right now but yours is such inspiration I think I may have to start planninf around blanket no 2!

  2. Hi again, I would love permission to share some of your work (and of course your blogspot) on my Facebook page. Facebook page Nadineon31 and my blog address is knittingwithjustoneneedle.blogspot.com and also doyoustockwool.blogspot.com

    thanks so much,

    1. Hi Nadineon,
      You are welcome to share my workt on your Facebook page.... please provide a link to my blog with it. Thank you!