Hooky Helpers, Old and New


I thought it was time I shared with you a couple of photos of some of my 'hooky helpers'. Firstly my hook holder. I've had this now about 5 years. I absolutely love. It's so neat and tidy and easy to throw into my bag or suitcase if I want to take it with my anywhere. It just manages to squeeze in one of every hook size between 1.5mm and 6mm. My favourite hooks are definitely bamboo, tho I do have some metal and some easy grip ones too. 

Secondly a new addition to my 'crochet helpers'. I bought this little polka-checked baggy last week. I think it's actually meant to be a peg holder but it's just perfect as a yarn holder. It's made from oilclocth fabric so it can sit comfortably on the floor by my feet whilst I'm crocheting without getting dirty or dusty. It fits 2 balls of yarn inside and the grommet on the front is a handy yarn guide! 

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  1. I love both these items - but especially your hook case!! I've tried finding one, but can't! :-(