In love with Icelandic

This project came together pretty quickly. It was helped along by the use of some wonderful lace weight Icelandic yarn from Istex. Icelandic wool has very useable properties including the fact that even though it is wool, it is lightweight, insulating, breathable yet water-repellent! A great set of characteristics for a baby blanket don't you think?! I particularly love that zesty yet rich green, so decided to do a pretty border using only the green. It was lovely to work with,  it didn't split and created a very useable weight of blanket. I can definitely see me using this yarn more in the future!
The finished blanket was soaked in Eucolan before blocking out. Eucolan is a lanolin based soap which softens the wool beautifully by adding back to the fibers the natural oils of the wool, which are often removed during the spinning process. Eucolan should be left in the wool and not rinsed out in order to continue keeping your projects soft. 

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